Destroyed house in the south of Sanaa


Statement by the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Yemen Country Director Erin Hutchinson in reaction to the announced extended two-month truce

“The announcement of the truce extension today shows a serious commitment from all parties to end the senseless suffering of millions of Yemenis.

The last two months have shown that peaceful solutions to the conflict are a real option. We hope this extension of the truce will allow for further progress on the reopening of roads linking cities and regions, allow more displaced people to return to their homes, and ensure humanitarian aid can reach people who have been out of reach because of the fighting.”

Concrete impacts of the two-month Truce

  • The number of civilians killed and injured in Yemen dropped by more than 50 percent in the first month
  • The agreement is the first nationwide truce since 2016 in Yemen
  • The truce allowed some displaced people to return to their homes
  • It partially reopened Sana'a airport and resumed flights to Amman and Cairo, helping patients in critical need of lifesaving medical treatment to leave the country
  • It partially reopened Hodeidah port to fuel ships and helped alleviate Yemen's ongoing energy crisis

Source: Norwegian Refugee Council

WorldCon 75, Scott Lynch; photo by Jana Blomqvist


WorldCon 75, Robin Hobb; photo by Jana Blomqvist


Based on an interview by Alisa Nirman on 3.10.2016