The bakery’s owners have some fun while preparing cupcakes.

The recently opened Brklyn Bakery sells a series of traditional New York muffins, cakes and cupcakes.

AS the entrance door’s bell rings to announce the arrival of a new customer, jazz music plays in the background and smell of freshly baked goodies is in the air. A selection of colourful and different tastes cupcakes is right by the counter, facing a couple of cosy-looking, elegant retro-styled tables and chairs. This is Brklyn Bakery, a small paradise for all sweets lovers in downtown Helsinki.

A BEER is a beer is a beer…or is it? Finland has been a bit late entering the micro-brewery game, but some of the beers crafted in the country today rival the best found anywhere. Panimo restaurant and brewery, located on the island of Suomenlinna, merits recognition here. Not only does it serve up first-rate suds, but goes the distance in creating excellent dishes as well.

Housed in the old Jetty Barracks close to the main pier, Panimo’s rustic atmosphere provides a good venue for sampling some excellent in-house brewed beers. Their Piper Wit won me over right from the start with its hint of coriander and subtle orange flavours.

The return of an old gem

THERE ARE not a whole lot of places in Helsinki where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee or a glass of wine while taking in the scenery of some of the city’s most important sights. The newly-renovated Cafe Piritta, however, lies on the waterfront of Tokoinranta in Hakaniemi, offering a view across the bay to some of the most prominent landmarks of the city.

The bustling Hakaniemi market lies to one end of the shoreline and the white top of the Helsinki Cathedral sits on the horizon directly across the water. With a glance across the railway tracks leading to the Central Railway Station, one can catch a glimpse of Finlandia House and the...

WHEN IT COMES to eating out, vegetarians in Helsinki have had it rough. This is somewhat surprising, considering the city was once on the cutting edge of vegetarian culture in Europe back in the early 1970s with the introduction of the legendary and much missed Kasvis restaurant. Today the capital boasts only a handful of completely vegetarian eateries, one of which, Vegemesta, is exploding in popularity.

This tiny take-away in Sörnäinen has been going strong for two-and-a-half years serving tasty veggie burgers made from soy, tofu and hemp, with the Kippari being their most popular menu item. With each burger comes a choice of bun types and various toppings. They also serve vegan schnitzel and fried potatoes with Thai spices. The menu may be limited but what they do, they do well.

Superfoods are on everyone’s lips in Finland. Are they yet another curiosity for health enthusiasts, or a thing that works for everyone?

SUPERFOODS are organically produced and highly nutritious natural foods. They are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The more organic and fresher, the closer to super. The term is not protected, so anyone can claim their products to be “superfoods.” Because of this, many so-called superfood products are not really superior to your average eats in any way.

WorldCon 75, Scott Lynch; photo by Jana Blomqvist


WorldCon 75, Robin Hobb; photo by Jana Blomqvist


Based on an interview by Alisa Nirman on 3.10.2016