Would you like to catch the international audience residing in Finland? Are you trying to reach a wide market of people, who are consumers of international culture, food and lifestyle, regardless of nationality and origin? Do you want to present your products or services to international people in Finland, including tourists who cannot read Finnish?

SixDegrees is the only media many of them read. SixDegrees efficiently reaches international people in Finland: tourists, foreigners and local people.

SixDegrees is a free English language publication in Finland aimed at the Finland-based international audience. Published monthly with an average print run of 50,000 copies SixDegrees can be obtained from around 500 pick-up points in the Greater Helsinki region, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Jyväskylä.


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Why advertise in SixDegrees?

English language asset
Not all consumers understand Finnish even though they live in Finland. There are 124,000 immigrants who live permanently in Finland. This is around the same number of people who live in the city of Oulu! From this group 80% have moved to Finland because of work, marriage or study. 74% of readers choose SixDegrees because it is in English and almost half of the readers are not fluent in Finnish.

SixDegrees is unique
The readers say that they like SixDegrees because it is interesting, topical and in English. Many readers (58%) say that they get information from SixDegrees that is not offered by other media.

Positive attitude to adverts
SixDegrees readers pay attention to adverts and make consuming decisions based on adverts. Almost 90% of SixDegrees readers say that they find the adverts in the magazine useful.

What do our advertisers say?

“Alicante Tourist Board advertises in Six Degrees and has received a very positive response from the readers. So far we have published two adverts out of a series of six and we have received about 80 responses. We are very pleased with the results of this campaign.”
Abigail Sanchez, Alicante Tourist Board

“SixDegrees has the ability to surprise. Its stories show that the immigrant population has many voices and unexpected viewpoints. Thanks to the wide readership, we are reaching the people who we want to hear about our services. We have reached people who would not have known about us otherwise.”
Leslie Hyde, Principal, Eira High School for Adults

“We are truly a pioneer in immigrant education in Helsinki, and truly a multicultural school. Around 30% of our students have immigrant background and they speak more than 50 different languages. Through SixDegrees we reach different target groups, we become visible to all of those who are working with multiculturalism or interested in it in Finland."
Teija Vikman, Helsinki Diakonia College

"We are very happy with the placement of our advertisement and its visibility in SixDegrees. We are sure we reached our target group because we have received a nice amount of queries and applications with the ad. We are interested in continuing with advertising in SixDegrees in the future."
Henna Huovinen, Student Advisor in International Relations, University of Vaasa


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