PREMIERING around the country on 9 May, local documentary Love & Engineering tells the tale of a group of foreign digital computer geeks living in Finland who are looking for real love.

Here computer engineer Atanas attempts to develop a scientific formula for mating and finding a perfect wife. Using other engineers as guinea pigs, he lectures them with his ideas and sends them out to test them in real life. Communicating with them by earphones during their set up meetings with girls, the film asks if it is possible, or even worthwhile, to work your way through life “scientifically”? Are rules of attraction, sex and love scientific and if they are, do we really want to know them?

Screened at the DocPoint documentary festival in Helsinki this year, where it was bestowed with the Audience Choice Award of the festival, the film was also included in the programmes of both Tribeca Festival in New York and Hot Docs in Toronto.

Love & Engineering is the fourth effort from locally-based Bulgarian director Tonislav Hristov, following on from the well-received likes of Soul Food Stories (2013) and Rules of Single Life 2011).

Love & Engineering is released on 9 May.

James O’Sullivan