Animatricks lifts the lid on animation worldwide.

GUARANTEED to help melt the scowl that still permeates after enduring the long, dark winter here up north, the Animatricks Animation Festival is being held 25-27 April in the Capital Region.

Bringing together animation professionals and fans, the festival has been offering up new Finnish animation and selections of international tops since 2000. Bestowing prizes for local Finnish animation since 2005, this year sees the festival expanding to an international competition, sponsored by Rovio, responsible of the global sensation Angry Birds.

The award presentation, as well as a screening of films from the UK, Germany, China and locally is being held in the evening of Saturday 26 April at Bio Rex. Admission is free, with things kicking off at 9 pm.

This year also happens to be the 100th anniversary of Finnish animation, with the festival showcasing the history of the art form via a documentary trilogy by Juho Gartz and Lauri Tykkyläinen and a Retro to Recent collection of Finnish children’s animation from the 1970s until today.

Furthermore, Animatricks takes a look back at what has already been, with screening of various local milestones of the industry that have appeared over the years.

Animatricks Animation Festival 2014
25-27 April

James O’Sullivan