Armed with his huge early-‘90s hit What is Love, Haddaway is coming to Helsinki in late August to help celebrate pop music of the era.

WHILE we continue moving forward, the temptation to look in the rear vision mirror at what has come before us for inspiration is a little too hard to resist at times. Keeping this in mind, the We Love The ‘90s festival is being held at Helsinki’s Suvilahti on 29 and 30 August.

Taking over the former gasworks, the two-day bill packed with familiar names of a former, more fluorescent-coloured time, including the likes of Thomas from Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, Mr. President, DJ Sash, E-Rotic and Captain Hollywood Project. Looking next door, guests from Sweden number Dr. Alban, E-Type, Pandora, Basic Element, Rednex and Gunther in their midst.

Italian favourites of yore are also coming to Helsinki, including Alexia and Cappella. Last, but not least, local faves such as Aikakone, Waldo’s People, DJ Matti Airaksinen, Hausmylly and CatCat are sure to create surges of nostalgia amongst punters at Suvilahti.

We Love The ‘90s
29-30 August
Suvilahti, Helsinki

All together, over 20 international and Finnish artists can be found at the same festival, bringing together sounds rarely enjoyed in the same environment in Finland since their heyday of the ‘90s.

James O’Sullivan
Image: primetime.fi