A detail from Flexing II.

THE digital age we reside in has ensured that almost everyone has a camera on their person at all times. In fact, never before have ordinary people generated such a wealth of photographs, and had the ability to share them with such wide audiences.

On display until 18 January, the Finnish Museum of Photography’s #snapshot exhibition explores this concept, set in the context of our modern era.

Seeking to update the snapshot concept, the exhibition primarily consists of shots taken by ordinary people. Drawing on images found online and historic snapshots, the exhibition takes a closer look at the phenomenon of selfies. Offering an overview of the history of the selfie, the exhibition also features new works by international artists that comment on the recent phenomenon.

But what does this mean for the industry as a whole, when everyone has access to the tools to create? What of the quality of pics? Does this dilute the work of artists, when everyone has the means to express themselves?

The exhibition exists as an interactive experience that can be enjoyed both on-site at the Museum and online. With the “Curate your own life” section incorporating visitors’ own images the extensive programme of activities also includes an Instagram walk and a selfie workshop.

Until 18 January
Finnish Museum of Photography
Cable Factory Tallberginkatu 1 G Helsinki

Elsewhere, contemporary artwork by the likes of Catherine Balet, Erik Kessels, Niklas Kullström, and Sisse Stroyer also forms part of the exhibition.

James O’Sullivan
Image: Niklas Kullström