GIVEN the distinct lack of light this time of year, people are heading to bed earlier, in the hope that when they wake up, the nightmare that is the eternal darkness of the Nordic winter may be over. Not just yet, I’m afraid. However, doing their best to ensure that all can get tucked into bed nice and early, Swedish duo First Aid Kit are appearing on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 December at Helsinki’s Savoy Theatre for a pair of gigs that kick off at the un-rock-god-like hour of 6 pm.

Hailing from Stockholm, Johanna and Klara Söderberg, first began composing songs as teenagers in 2007, drawing on influences ranging from Fleet Foxes to Joanna Newsom. Showcasing their sweet harmonies, Tangerine, appeared in the summer of that year to positive acclaim.

Their debut EP Drunken Trees would then expand their audience upon its release in April 2008, with a cover version of Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song gathering a swag of YouTube hits later that same year.

Full-length album, The Big Black & the Blue dropped to rave reviews in 2010. Follow up Lion’s Roar showcased their glorious ethereal harmonies and melancholy, winning the coveted Nordic Music Prize in the process.

Their latest, Stay Gold, dropped in June, with the sisters hitting the road once again. Last seen onstage here at last summer’s Ruisrock, the duo return to Finland in the midst of a burst of touring that is set to continue into 2015. Rarely giving theatre concerts, these gigs afford a wonderful opportunity to see them in a unique setting.

First Aid Kit
9-10 December, 18:00
Tickets €25

Savoy Theatre
Kasarmikatu 46-48

Support comes from Manchester-based singer, writer and player Jo Rose.

James O’Sullivan