Enrique Iglesias
10 December
Tickets €53.50 – 66.50
Hartwall Arena
Areenankuja 1, Helsinki

MANY a man has struggled to follow in his father’s footsteps, but what to do if your old man is a notorious crooner and renowned pants man, whose sexual conquests number in their thousands? Well, most of us haven’t had to live in such a lusty shadow, yet for Latin pop singer Enrique Iglesias the easiest way to get around it has been to do as daddy did.

And, with over 100 million album sales under his belt, its safe to say he has had more than his share of success.

Emerging in the mid-‘90s, Iglesias started off with his eye on the Latin American and the Hispanic market in the United States. A handful of years later and he was the biggest selling Spanish-language singer of the decade. With that box crossed, soon he was belting them out in English. With his fanbase growing rapidly, soon he was topping the charts around the world.

Known as both The King of Latin Pop and The King of Dance, Iglesias has stuck to what he does best, with his latest, Sex and Love, arriving earlier this year. Featuring the hit songs I’m A Freak and Bailando, the album was another global success.

Last seen in Finland in 2011, Iglesias is performing on Wednesday 10 December at Helsinki’s Hartwall Areena.

James O’Sullivan
Image: Alan Silfen