Miranda & Jody Heckert, Yuma Arizona Photo by David Magnusson

DEDICATING itself to photographs and photographers who seek to make a difference on the world through their work, the inaugural Festival of Political Photography is on being exhibited at The Finnish Museum of Photography from 30 January until 12 April.

Bringing together images from seven different parts of the world, the photos are the focal point for a resident of each area, whose themes are deemed to have social relevance. The exhibition includes contributions from Swedish photographer David Magnusson, Afghan Farzana Wahidy, Russian Tatiana Vinogradova and Finns Meeri Koutaniemi, Thomas Castle and Sara Hurtig. The lion’s share of the works are on display in Finland for the first time.

The images themselves traverse a variety of topical subject matters. These include the Finnish media, religion and children, women and minority status, immigration and exclusion.

The images offer various and differing perspectives on the circumstances within the festival theme of the third generation. The exhibition also illustrates how habits, social status and values are handed down between generations. This movement of traditions and ideals often sees each generation struggle against the values of those that have come before them and seek to bring about change for their perceived betterment.

The exhibition ponders the relevance of the photograph being a tool for influencing change. The images on offer at the exhibition fail to elicit indifference in the viewer, compelling a reaction of some kind. The festival organisers seek to inspire discussion and activities via the images presented.

The Festival of Political
30 January – 12 April
The Finnish Museum
of Photography
Tallberginkatu 1 G

Further facilitating this, a number of workshops will be held in conjunction with the exhibition, as well as discussion groups.

James O’Sullivan