When I first heard the word Finland, two things popped into my head: sub zero weather and stern people. Well, I was wrong; the way people in Ireland described the Finnish made me nervous about coming over, but overall the Finns are very pleasant and approachable. Now the weather, that's a different story! It's only slightly colder than Ireland in the day but at night it feels like its -10 degrees.

Helsinki is a beautiful city; I personally feel it would put Dublin to shame as it is so clean and the architecture is simply marvelous. Even walking through the streets I could feel my jaw dropping because of how gorgeous the sites were. The next advantage for the city is how close everything is to our hotel; Kamppi and Forum shopping centers are within a 2 minute walk and the trams are spread evenly across along every street corner. The city is so well organized it is a joy to commute to work every day.

During my time here, I haven't met one person who wasn't friendly or who didn't have a smile on their face. I feel the people are more friendly than the Irish, they just don't talk as much as us, which can be a good thing sometimes. Even on a night out you could be sitting beside someone and a conversation would just start out of nowhere. Maybe it could be that the Finns love the Irish or they are just very open and jolly people.

Being Irish, I am used to the cold weather i.e. when exiting winter and entering the springtime but over here even though it's springtime I feel it is absolutely freezing; it was a good thing to bring my winter jacket. The only good thing about the weather is that the sun shines more than it does in Ireland, which is a big thumbs up from me!

My only flaw is the price of food and alcohol; it is somewhat in the same pricing range as Ireland but here a pint of lager in some pubs or clubs is 7€. If Irish people saw these prices they would be sober for the duration of their trip! However, the nightlife in Helsinki is extraordinary; the clubs are far better than the ones back in Ireland. Of course, when you're 18 like myself and cannot get into certain clubs, it will put a damper on your night out.

I have loved living here in Helsinki even if it was only for 2 weeks, the beauty of the city, the warm people, and the cold weather really did capture me. Even though I love Ireland, if I had the chance I would move to Finland in a heartbeat.