"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it." - William Shakespeare

Traveling – it is a dream of probably every second person in the world. And I am not an exception. I have always dreamed of traveling and still do! After discovering countries located close to my home country, Azerbaijan, I decided to move forward - and the target was Europe.

I have been to several cities in Europe and there are, of course, the more favorite and the less favorite ones among them. So what about Finland and Helsinki? I still remember my first impression. The impression for me consisted of many parts: sound, smell, and feeling. The sound of Helsinki for me is Enya – mystic and almost smokey sounding. The smell – is a coffee smell and the ground after the rain. So, altogether the feeling I remember is a cold beauty.

Back then, in 2009, I did not even think about the possibility of living here. I do not know why but my plans were completely in a different direction. However, life is full of surprises and in 2011 I returned here as a student with my family. Now it has been already [many] years and we are still here.

My student life started in Porvoo. I had to live in Helsinki because it was not so easy to find a rental apartment in Porvoo. That was the first negative experience I had. Porvoo is a small city and there are not many rental apartments. In addition, unfortunately, if you are a foreigner this is not so easy to get. So we decided to rent an apartment in Helsinki. I had to travel from Helsinki to Porvoo every day. The trip was comfortable and not the cheapest. The city itself is very beautiful. There are small wooden houses, a beautiful lake, and bridges. It is worth seeing!

Fortunately, in 2012 we moved to a family apartment for students in Helsinki and I managed to deal with my studies, thanks to the wonderful program director who assisted me a lot.

Though I have lived here for [several] years, it is not possible to say that I feel myself as a part of Finnish society. At the same time, I would not say that this upsets me. I really like how in Finland people do not interrupt each other's lives and I am happy to create our own little world surrounded by this wonderful nature.