Sandra Bullock comes to terms with the laws of Gravity in the latest from director Alfonso Cuarón.

Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa

Just in case you were wondering if the Jackass crew had fallen off the face of the Earth since their 3D flick a couple of years back, here they serve up a hefty helping of mischievous octogenarian Irving Zisman (prankster Johnny Knoxville, in heavy make-up). An old hand from the Jackass stable having appeared in the previous films and TV series, Zisman and his eight-year-old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) head out on a road trip across America. Male strippers and rowdy bikers are on hand through the American heartland, along with a children’s beautypageant performance that riffs on the classic scene in Little Miss Sunshine. Throw subtlety to the wind and enjoy!

Premieres 25 October

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt steps behind the camera for his feature directorial debut, revolving around a womaniser by name of Jon Martello. However, no doubt in order to attract financiers, Gordon- Levitt also takes the lead role as our muscle-bound protagonist who literally charms the pants of a bevy of beauties, but can’t quite shake his addiction to Internet porn. Having received high praise at this year’s Sundance Festival, the film has recently come under fire from the Italian American One Voice Coalition, who claim that the flick is but a glut of Italian-American stereotypes.

Premieres 1 November


While the idea of finding Sandra Bullock and George Clooney adrift in space might not seem the most intriguing of concepts, throw in director Alfonso Cuarón and more than one eyebrow is bound to be cocked. Stranded on a space station after a disastrous accident wipes out the crew and most of the structure, our two astronaut protagonists set about finding a way to survive. With events captured in 3D, early word has it that this is the most impressive use of the technology seen thus far (not counting the slow motion projectile vomiting of Jackass 3D, I’m thinking).

Premieres 8 November

The Counselor

And if it’s serious star wattage you are looking for, then this Ridley Scott directed number promises to serve it up by the bulbful. Here author Cormac McCarthy pens the screenplay of the tale of Michael Fassbender’s lawyer dabbling in a little drug running. Aside from lining his coffers, our lawman also opens a door that’s difficult to close when the proverbial mess hits the fan. Joined by the likes of Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, and Cameron Diaz, this one promises to be interesting, to say the very least from the legendary filmmaker. But we also said that about yawnfest Body of Lies a few years ago, too. Fingers crossed.

Premieres 15 November