JUST in case you find yourself at a loose end at midnight of 1 September, be sure to check out the spectacle occurring around the illuminated streets of Helsinki. Perhaps one of the more entertaining ideas to have emerged from this part of the world, the 2012 edition of Midnight Run Helsinki follows on from the 6,000 participants packing the 10 kilometre route at the witching hour last year.

Originating in Stockholm in 1982, the idea has spread over the years to a number of Sweden’s neighbouring countries. This year sees even more participants permitted to enter, with the start and finish of the race taking place at The Senate Square, runners are broken up into different groups and released into the night at five-minute intervals. Alongside the thrill of running through the city streets at such an unusual hour, a range of activities are on offer at The Senate Square including the Midnight Run Masquerade, whereby a range of inventive costumes will be on display.

Midnight Run Helsinki
1 September

Rio Gandara