SCREENING 29 different movies from 14 different countries, the Latin American Film Festival Cinemaissí is once again being staged in Helsinki.

With a special focus this year on Brazilian film, the festival offers a further glimpse into the social, political and cultural diversity of Latin America, with films screening at Andorra, Kino Engel and Maxim.

Creating on the artistic fringe.

Time drifts casually when spending time with Mexican artist David Muoz. Sitting with him one afternoon on a downtown Helsinki terrace, the sun shines gently over our conversation as he methodically peels a mandarin, chewing on his thoughts, which occupy often-significant pauses in the conversation.

JUST in case you find yourself at a loose end at midnight of 1 September, be sure to check out the spectacle occurring around the illuminated streets of Helsinki. Perhaps one of the more entertaining ideas to have emerged from this part of the world, the 2012 edition of Midnight Run Helsinki follows on from the 6,000 participants packing the 10 kilometre route at the witching hour last year.

Basking in the afterglow of the locally themed summer event held each year in Seinäjoki, Tampere is bringing together lovers of Argentine tango for the annual World of Tango Festival in September. Welcoming all cultures the festival seeks to evoke the roots of the art of tango, as well as creating space for the new expressions of other types of urban folk music, such as chanson, jazz, fado and flamenco.

ARRIVING on the scene in the mid-‘90s with jagged riffs androgynous power pop, Placebo immediately made waves with their self-titled debut album spearheaded by the single Nancy Boy. Their fresh approach saw them winning the favour of David Bowie and enjoying a number of onstage collaborations with the musical legend. Sophomore album Without You I’m Nothing broke them through to an even wider audience with a clutch of big singles including Pure Morning.