One of the biggest boardgaming titles of the last couple of years, Eclipse is a local product through and through: the game was released in 2011 by Lautapelit.fi, a Finnish boardgame seller and publisher, and its designer Touko Tahkokallio is also Finnish (and has a day job as a game designer at the mobile gaming company Supercell).

Eclipse is decidedly a game for boardgaming hobbyists: it’s a so-called 4X strategy game (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate), in which players build civilisations, trying to become the galaxy’s dominating race. The amount of tiles, spaceships and other pieces included in the game’s box is impressive – you need a decent-sized table to play this game. You also shouldn’t expect to get through a game in less than two hours.

The global boardgaming public has warmly welcomed Eclipse, and the game has gone on to become a very successful title in its genre: Eclipse has been localised for six languages in addition to the original English, and currently it is ranked at number 7 out of all the boardgames ever released by the readers of the website BoardGameGeek.com. Last year, an iPad version of the game was also released.