Related in languages and neighbours separated by the Baltic Sea, Estonians form the one of the largest minority group in Finland. According to Finnish Centre of Statistics, more than 44,000 Estonians live in Finland permanently; almost 6,000 moved to Finland in 2013. Besides them, many Estonians have not registered as permanent residents, but are employed here, therefore the estimations are that up to 100,000 Estonians actually work in Finland. Sometimes Estonians call Finland their 16th county and in some Finnish areas, Estonian and Russian language are more commonly heard than Swedish.

Wambui Njuguna is an Ashtanga yoga teacher based in Helsinki. A true blue third-culture kid, she was born in Kenya and moved to the US at the age of ten. She has worked in Chile and the Middle East and received an MA in Applied Linguistics in Chicago, IL. Wambui has written for elephant journal, The Helsinki Times, The Seattle Globalist, Ananda magazine, Rebelle Society and Afro Punk. When not involved with yoga, she can be found checking books out at Helsinki’s state of the art libraries.

If you are a Brazilian and want to try something different, here is one idea: move to Finland. This is one place you’ll encounter a different climate, cuisine and culture.

According to Statistics Finland, by the end of 2013 just 826 Brazilians have found their way to Finland. Hannele Leppäneva is director of the Suomi Brasilia Seura, a ‘friendship’ organisation between Finland and Brazil, and says that Brazilians come to Finland following love, as exchange students and students, and to work. Most Brazilians work in the IT and game industries, and as entrepreneurs according to the Brazilian Consular. Leppäneva adds that the Brazilians who arrive in Finland often come in pursuit of a new adventure.

Does the addictive new dating application Tinder have users hooked on playing the field?

Tinder: Any dry inflammable substance that readily takes fire from a spark and burns or smoulders – Oxford English Dictionary.

It appears that a spark has indeed ignited in Finland. A new dating application bearing the name has infiltrated the Finnish dating market, with 2 per cent of the population already registered and gaining approximately 2,000 new users each day, according to Rosette Pambakain, VP of Communications and Partnerships at Tinder. Originating in the USA, it has spread and established its hegemony in the international dating world.

Although many young Finns have been attracted to Scotland for its free university tuition, not many Scots have elected to explore Finland. There are just over 100 members in the ‘Scots in Finland’ Facebook group, giving a rough indication of the numbers in Finland.